To keep your donors, keep it simple

The busier our lives get – and the more we are connected and overloaded with information, choices and distractions – one of the greatest things we can offer our donors is to offer less. To keep it simple!

To make the bold decision to edit and take away the choices that can overwhelm. And replace it with the things that matter most to donors: transparency, proof and impact.

According to the Global Brand Simplicity Index 2017, the world’s most successful brands are the ones that put clarity and ease at the heart of the customer experience.

Because when you do that you inspire deeper trust, strengthen loyalty and build better lifetime value. And all that adds up to more financial gain.

Here’s our top three tips to help you deliver what matters:

1.  Make it simple

Cut to what matters to the donor –not what matters to your organisation

Deliver relevant and compelling content – show donors how they’re helping

Talk to your donors in plain English – you may love your jargon, but donors don’t

Deliver content that speaks to an audience of one – me writing to you.

2.  Make it specific

Shorten the gap between your donor and the beneficiary – the greater the distance, the more likely a donor is to refuse your request.

Make it the story of one person – so a donor has empathy with the circumstances and needs of another person.

Assign your donors gifts to a specific program or service – and not to the organisation as a whole.

3.  Make it multiply

Matching gifts can increase the rate at which donors give – and often increase their average gift size. They also:

1.  Increase the impact of a donor’s gift, so they feel more positive about their impact on the world.

2.  Help assure the donor that their gift is that much bigger – overcoming a common barrier that ‘my gift is just a drop in the ocean’.

3.  Offer donation urgency as usually there is only a limited-time matching opportunity.

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