Our Services

Helping you support your charity’s mission

We combine insight, knowledge and passion to help you create personalised and targeted fundraising communications to increase donations and deepen supporter loyalty.

We do this through strategic thinking, data analytics and insights, direct mail, telemarketing and social media.

We also know from experience that one size doesn’t fit all. So you can always expect highly tailored solutions to suit your charity’s unique requirements.

Below are some of our most well used services, but there are others we can offer you too. Get in touch and let us know how we may be able to help you.

Planning & consulting

Strategy is crucial when you want to launch or power up a fundraising program. Let us help you get started.

Do you need to audit your fundraising strategy? Or develop a donor journey for better retention? Maybe it’s help with your data analytics?  Or it’s something a little unusual or unique.

Strategic planning and consulting is often the best place to begin when you work with us. Our team of experienced consultants can help you find the best ways to engage potential supporters and retain and foster existing relationships. Whether you’re just starting out … or already have a developed fundraising program, we’ll work with you to build plans and solutions to cover your strategic, creative or data analytic needs.

Fundraising analytics & reporting

Numbers are great. Let us show you how being data-led makes you donor-led.

We believe data is one of your most powerful assets. Your fundraising success relies on understanding the behaviours and motivations of your donors.

When you work with us, your strategy will be based on in-depth data analysis and insights. This knowledge will help you reach the right supporters … at the right time … with the right message … using the right channel. Let us show you how being data-led makes you donor-led. If you need help to unlock the power of your database to generate more support for your cause, the chances are we can help you out a lot.

Campaign execution
Direct mail

Done well, a good direct mail program will give you a steady stream of revenue for your charity year after year.  And increase the likelihood of your supporters moving up to become regular and high-value givers and bequestors.


Whether you want to say welcome, thank you, we miss you, upgrade or convert, the phone is critical at every step of your supporters’ journey. Our sister company, Pareto Phone, can help you achieve your best telefundraising results.

Creative services

At the centre of every successful fundraising campaign, there’s a well-told story that prompts a powerful human reaction. Let us help you use your stories well.

Effective fundraising creative is not about how pretty your printed material looks – it’s about how your supporters respond to it. Your creative and your story determine what your supporters see, think and feel about your charity.

Central to investing in relationship fundraising is your ability to make your communications big, bold and clear. And to be in the look and language that touches your supporter’s heart.

We use strategy-driven creative backed by lots of testing to help you write your charity’s fundraising story. It’s how we can help you grow your revenue for more good work.


Compare your performance against industry benchmarks to improve your fundraising. Let us show you how.

Benchmarking is a fresh way to look at data. It gives you a detailed snapshot of how your charity – and the fundraising sector – is performing.

Benchmarking generates metrics – and insights – based on the behaviour of donors. It uses the transactional data from face-to-face, digital, mail, phone and media channels from over 100 major Australian and New Zealand charities. Your Benchmarking report can help you turn your charity’s insights into action – to find solutions to your fundraising challenges and identify opportunities for program development.

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New products
Touchpoint Dashboard
Journey mapping to increase supporter loyalty

Touchpoint Dashboard helps you manage your supporter journey mapping – from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship.

Through a system of dashboards you can generate reports that show you where your charity is failing to meet supporter expectations, how that failure is affecting the bottom line, and what activities are costing you the most in terms of loyalty, retention and lifetime value.

Armed with that knowledge, you’ll be able to strategically plan, implement and optimise your supporter journey to build better lifetime value.

Touchpoint Dashboard can help you excel in building the supporter relationships that matter.

Fundraising Intelligence Portal
Fully customised fundraising reporting at your fingertips, anytime … anywhere

Easily measure the performance of all your individual giving programs – all via an intuitive, fully supported online Fundraising Intelligence Portal.

The Portal is your access to a set of Control Panels which monitor the most essential aspects of your acquisition and retention activity.

Control Panel reports are updated monthly, helping you make timely decisions and respond quickly to significant changes in donor behaviour or your organisation’s income. You can use the Fundraising Intelligence Portal to quickly create professional reports for your Board or Executive.

Your Intelligence Portal can be customised to specific needs. And it comes with team training, and the backing and insights of a senior Pareto analyst.