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What we’re here to achieve

We exist to make the world a better place, by expanding the not-for-profit sector’s capacity to help.

Founded in 1921, and with an unmatched breadth and depth of offering, we guide charities from idea to execution. Our landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. As not-for-profit specialists, so are we. We are forever seeking new ways to navigate the complex fundraising maze and connect charities with donors.

We use our passion and experience as experts in data-led fundraising and communications to help connect individuals who care with those in need.

Better together

IVE Benchmarking gives you the opportunity to understand, analyse and improve your fundraising.

Benchmarking empowers you to take a fact-based approach to decision making, providing you with insights for strategic planning, campaign and program KPI’s, and help define benchmarks for managing your programs.

We use the transactional data of over 100 Australian and New Zealand charities to create a detailed snapshot of how the fundraising sector is performing and how your charity compares.

Its great power is that it takes your data and combines it with other participating charities, expanding your management view from an internal one to a broad sector-wide perspective

We invite you to join the industry’s best and be part of Benchmarking. You’ll gain the insights you need to:

– Identify underperforming areas of your fundraising program and develop strategies to turn them around

– Single out key fundraising opportunities for you to explore and develop

– Win your Board’s support by giving them a data driven understanding of Individual Giving in your country

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Benchmarking 2022

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Benchmarking uses Australian charities’ supporter and transaction data to create a detailed snapshot of how the fundraising sector is performing. 

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